Hair Fall and Caffeine: How They Are Linked?

You are probably asking yourself what is wrong with your hair and why it keeps falling off? Yes, maybe strict on your diet and eats a fair share of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Plus, you do not have a close relative who have problems with hair loss. Also, you are emotionally and psychologically capable of taking care of yourself. Additionally, you make sure to follow hair care tips to maintain your hair's health and to have a faster hair growth. Then, what is the reason why you are experiencing hair loss?


According to the American Hair Loss Association, 40 percent of Americans suffer from hair loss due to varying conditions. However, they find one common ground in some of these individuals- some of them love their coffee. Foods or drinks that are rich in caffeine such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks are causes of loss hair. Caffeine is good for your health. In fact, it can help to spur human hair growth. Then, how does it become a bad thing for your hair? Too much drinking coffee and other beverages with high caffeine make the difference. Caffeine intake is healthy when consumed in minimal dosages; on the other hand, overdoing it will do the opposite. Caffeine can cause dehydration. Your hair requires moisture and essential oils to keep it healthy and bouncy and not just mere hair styling. Dehydration will turn your scalp dry and cause dandruff to appear. Later on, dandruff will attack the hair follicles causing inflammation causing your hair to fall.


How to Fight Hair Loss


If the origin of your pattern baldness or hair loss is due to increases intake of caffeinated drinks, make it a goal to cut off your habit or stop drinking. Instead of drinking too much coffee or tea to help yourself feel invigorated, focus on other things with similar effects to your body. For example, do exercises daily to boost your endorphins and improve your mood. Also, drink shakes or smoothies made up of fruits to increase your sugar level and give you energy. Now, to help in growing back your hair fast, try this new hair regrowth shampoo from Nisim. The Nisim is one of the best scientifically formulated hair loss prevention products that are made from all natural herb extracts. In addition, their products do not contain harmful chemicals and substances like Sodium Laureth Sulfate which dries out the hair moisture and oil. Nisim Biofactors shampoo is the leading clinical-strength hair loss solution. Get to know more about this product via Nisim's website.